Mindful Living

Are you listening to your deepest yearnings, aware of when you’re moving in the right direction to fulfil them?

If yes, you are living a life based on the best possible choices.

If you get caught in the many distractions at your fingertips, then learning and practicing mindfulness skills will help lead to a more deeply fulfilling life.

ChiLiving gives you the tools to cut through the noise and get to the heart of how to cultivate your best possible life.

Mindfulness is about cultivating focused, present awareness and taking action based on a life forward movement that naturally comes out of presence. The opportunity to stop, breathe and feel yourself is just as available as all those distractions – even more so! It is literally there with every, single, breath.

Part of a mindfulness practice is getting a gut felt sense of any situation by feeling into the moment with all your senses. Mindfulness asks you to see your mind’s response to that situation and begin to see when you have habitual, negative or limiting ideas that might hold you back. Rather than the mindful, alternative goal of healthy support or simply, a deep quiet knowing.

Mindfulness skills let you able to listen to your body, feel the sensations, and allow anything to come up that needs to be seen and heard. Then, you are present with whatever comes up in any mindful pursuit.

The more you practice sensing and feeling into a situation, you become more aware of your minds assessments, judgments and analysis. Nothing wrong with that, unless it is biased or sweeping you into negativity. And, nothing wrong with negativity if you are aware of it and can begin to see through its machinations.

Health & Wellness

Exercise is one of the cornerstones of your overall wellbeing, as are a positive attitude, having purpose, eating a healthy diet, and creating strong relationships.

The good part is that if you work in one area, it naturally spills into other areas of your life, which is why people tell us how the Chi principles have transformed their approach to their work, their relationships and so much more.

ChiLiving helps you feel clear, open and relaxed throughout your daily life, in every state, every action, all day long.

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