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Clarance Chan

Clarance Chan

Master Instructor


ChiRunning Coaching Experience

Clarence has been actively running since 2008 starting from half marathons to full marathons and into Ironman events as well as into ultra races. As a 7-time Ironman finisher for the last 8 years, Clarence embarked on longer races from 100km to 200km after picking up Chirunning in 2015. As a Chirunning Certified Instructor then, he was able to overcome his knee pains which he suffered while in National University as a competitive cross-country runner for the University and School of Business Administration. In Jan 2016, he completed a 200km ultra event in Singapore using the Chirunning technique without suffering any knee pain.

Then in March and April 2016, Clarence was able to run with 2 Master Instructors from USA and Canada besides meeting with the Founder of Chirunning Mr. Danny Dreyer. He is now even more excited to share the technique with his students and see the improvements from them, both in Energy Efficiency and Injury Free aspects. Clarence is now a Certifying Master Instructor for Chirunning and ChiWalking and he teaches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Personal experience with ChiRunning

Clarence started his first half marathon in 2008. Before that, he had the notion that his knee injury would NOT permit him to run more than 10km and he never ran beyond 2.4km since he left University. He just fulfilled his NS obligation to complete his IPPT with the 2.4km run.

Entering his 1st full marathon in mid-2008 was also his first hard lesson on how to overcome knee pain issues. He read and shared notes with athletes as well as gym instructors on how to avoid or minimize the pain in his knees. Working through stationary exercises as well as gym machines helped though the pain was always nagging now and then. He ran between 2 to 5 marathons a year and several half marathons each year. He also started his 70.3 and then full Ironman events since 2011. After picking up Chirunning in early 2015, he started to see there could be hope in running a pain-free marathon. It was also that time that he started running 100km ultra events even more…..the Singapore Craze Ultra 105km, Penang Twilight Ultra 100km and the TNF 50km events. With more practice, he learnt how to make his runs even more efficient and injury free. In Jan 2016, he ran the 200km ultra event and completed it in 33+ hours. Shortly after, he took part in Titi100 – the toughest road race – and completed in top 15th position. All without injury and above all faster than he would use to run. He adds: “ I am really pleased with how Chirunning technique has helped me to become a more efficient runner and above all, kept me free from injury. “

Today, Clarence practices the Chirunning technique with his students and continue to strengthen his core to run better and more efficiently.

List of Related Certification

1NROC Level 1
2ITU Triathlon Coach – TAS
3Chirunning/ChiWalking Certifying Master Instructor
4Total Immersion Level 3 – Swimming

Recent and Outstanding Racing/Coaching Experience

Ironman – All World Athlete 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020Silver
Ironman – All World Athlete 2015Bronze
7-Day Stage Ultra Event: Gobi March 20171st Mens Age Grouper 50-55
7-Day Stage Ultra Event : USA Grand-To-Grand 2018Finisher – 1st 3 Singaporeans to complete this event
Titi 100 – Ultra marathon 2016Top 15 Finisher Open Cat ( 12 position in Men’s Cat )
Cebu 105 – Ultra Marathon 20168th Position – Men’s Open Category
7 x Ironman events – Austria/Msia/NZ/AustraliaFinishers
Full Iron Distance – Metaman 20123rd Mens Age Grouper 45-49
14 x 70.3 Ironman eventsFinishers
Ultra Marathons > = 50km  x 10 ( including 3 x 200km events + 1 x 320km event )Finishers
Kapas Marang – 6.5km Open Water EventFinishers
Swim For Hope – 7 hrs – > 250 lapsTrophy Finisher
Swim For Hope – 55km 2020 ( Virtual )Finisher
Marathons – x 25 events in Asia3.28H PB Gold Coast Marathon 2018
Tier🌟🌟🌟🌟 Master Instructor
Certified since2013
Language(s)English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Master Instructor

Certified since2013
Language(s)English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Qualified to teach:

  • ChiWalking®

  • ChiRunning® ESSENTIALS

  • ChiRunning® PERFORMANCE

  • ChiMarathon® Programme

  • ChiRunning® TRAIL

  • TRI-GURU™ Triathlon Implementation Program

  • ChiRunning® & ChiWalking® Instructor Training

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